It’s All Groovy

April 6-7, 2019 | State Qualifier | Level 3-6 only



Entry Fees: $55
No Team awards
Registrations Due by: March 1st to
• 50% awards to each age group , event medals and All Around Trophies
• All ties will be broken.
• Warm up compete format

Parent info:
Admissions: $12 per adult, youth free!
There is plenty of space for seating, but chairs are limited, so feel free to bring a chair.
Concessions will be available
50/50 Raffle

Session 1:  (1 judge panels)
Level 3
Saturday April 6, 2019
Bar sets 3:00pm
Warm up 3:15pm
March In 3:45pm

Session 2: (2 judge panels)
Level 4
Sunday April 7, 2019
Bar Sets 8:45am
Warm up 9:00am
March In 9:30am

Session 3: (2 judge panels)
Level 5 & 6
Sunday April 7, 2019
Bar Sets 2:00pm
Warm up 2:15pm
March In 2:45pm

*Session times are subject to change