Come join us for a fun-filled week of gymnastics and games!

December 23, 27 & 30

$50 full day
$25 half day

Daily Activities
8:00am Game Time
8:30am Group Activity
9:30am 1st Rotation
10:00am 2nd Rotation
10:30am Snack Break
11:00am Group Activity
12:00pm Lunch
12:30pm Relax Time
1:00pm 3rd Rotation
1:30pm 4th Rotation
2:00pm Group Activity
3:00pm Afternoon
3:30pm Choice Time
4:30pm Quiet time/
Group Activity
5:00pm Dismissal
*Late pick ups will be charged $

Send your child with a BIG water bottle, healthy snack, and lunch. Please also have your gymnast bring something quiet to do after lunch. A book to read for 30 minutes would be great! Other suggestions: a game to share, cards, or coloring books. We would like them to have a little bit of down time to let their stomach rest.


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